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Guy setups fake ‘Casting Couch’ to see what adult stars can do to get a ‘Job’

The guy played a genius role in the entire video and these adult models couldn’t understand that they were being pranked. The fun part is that the guy didn’t become an all creep just to maintain the surprise part of the entire video.

It’s a fun way to spend some time with adult stars without crossing the moral bounds. The video involved two girls and a boy. One of the girls definitely got pissed off at the end of the video as she couldn’t expect an interview going funny. The first girl, however, took the prank positively and she laughed to make it something worth remembering.

The guy uploaded the video with a disclaimer that all of the models who appeared in the video were adult stars. He wrote, “These are real adult stars who think they are auditioning for a role in an adult film. I’m not a casting director… and I’ve never seen adult movies.

That’s what we call advertisement

Let’s check out the video before talking about it any further.

The guy thinks that a casting couch is quite a popular way to hire actors. He believes that almost every guy knows about this hiring trend and people understand the complications inside. So, he decided to try something controversial himself, just for sake of fun and to convey a message to the community that these stars work really hard beyond their ego to earn bucks.

The end surprise of making these stars bend over and to pop open that celebration toy was indeed amazing. These stars hadn’t in their wildest of dreams the reality of the casting which they were going through. The comments on the guy’s video were rather positive, a lot of people regarded it as funny and humorous.

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