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Guy snaps after being called ‘B*tch’ several times after puking

Whoa, that was one hell of a fight and the video of it got released on the internet; as we all know that all the videos involving a Furious fight get quite a lot of attention on the internet. This video got quite a lot of shares and became viral on the social media just because of a stupid guy continued to call another guy a b**** and after listening to an insult for more than 10 minutes the first guy snapped; he then viciously started to punch and kick the guy calling him names.

Even if he was calling him names on purpose then it was not a good practice and surely it did not end up with a good outcome.

We believe that he was expecting to call someone by names without having any repercussions and he was obviously on a fault. The interesting part of the whole fight is that it happened on the eve of Christmas which is a particular day when a lot of people actually forget about their differences and they try to celebrate it by getting together and making new promises for the upcoming year.

The guy who filmed on the Twitter the entire fight wrote the following caption, “These guys were throwing hands because homeboy spit out his eggnog shot. They took the argument outside the bar where he finally snapped! LMFAO

Below is the instant karma for calling someone by names, and we think that the guy was actually drunk for calling a serious person with stupid names.

Check out the video below and don’t forget to press the play button; after playing the video you might need to wait for a few seconds just after which the second guy getting insulted snaps and start hitting the first guy both his punches and kicks.

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