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Guy tries on his 3rd grade crush with pickup line, ‘growing bulge in pants signifies confidence’

It’s highly inappropriate to start any conversation by calling names, well this guy exactly did the same. He was so full of confidence or drunk that he preferred to remain raw and stupid. Although he tried to talk with the girl on good grounds, his stupid role-playing was an instant turn-off, anyone can guess the same.

This guy got the contact information of this girl through a mutual friend. He then approached her on Kik in an attempt to exchange some love or score a date possibly. The girl happened to be his classmate in 3rd grade, it looks like the guy had a thing for her since childhood but somehow it came out later in his adult age.

The part where the guy says, “Blushes deeply,” well, that is the type of cringe which anyone must avoid in his life. Then the way he tried showing off his nervousness was also a big no-no for anyone before stepping into a relationship with him. He should have learned to take a no for an answer, well everything is quite okay till here but as you will read on this conversation, you’ll also side with this opinion, “Learn to take No for an answer!

The moment he starts calling of by names, he should have known that it wasn’t going to work. The girl after listening to such an amazing amount of crap, replied with only one logical explanation, “First Off, I don’t even know you exist, so you should talk to me instead of doing this stupid crap on Kik. But you already blew whatever chance you had in first place with this 21st-century bullshit.

Last, but not the least, this was the final reply of the guy, to wear off all the stupidity and put on a new pile of crap instead.


The last reply of the girl was quite logical, we believe that none of our readers might have any comments to make on this guy, after reading this conversation. Well, we don’t endorse any behaviour of this guy or the girl, but we are merely reporting that such things happen.

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