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Guy tries to talk dirty but gets shutdown brutally, multiple times

Harassment can be a thing and it can happen to anyone trying to communicate with another individual in the real world. Unfortunately, not every human gets equal rights and sometimes these rights change from area to area. There can be different rules in place in different states however one thing is common in every law, “Protecting the end user which are humans in a nutshell.

This guy tried talking to a girl and lure her into some dirty talks but she was smart enough to escape his every attempt.

Can I ask you something?

What kind of a person asks such dumb questions? it’s quite awkward to realise that there are people in the world who actually are desperate enough to initiate a stupid talk like this on the messages. I believe that the old school experience of meeting someone in person is better than anything else.

The next escape from the trap!

In the end, getting shut down right after every message the guy could say nothing but to only understand the meaning behind the shutup call, “The girl isn’t interested.

The story doesn’t end up here, there is more to the story but on a different platform. The similar thing happened.

Do you watch BBC Channel?

It’s quite strange that people find it amusing to talk dirty to someone. I think that most men don’t like to take a no for an answer and they believe that after receiving a ‘no’ it means they need to try harder.

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