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Guy uses axe to take out a lock nut off the wheel & then seeks further advice

I can’t believe that someone can actually use all the tools in order to free out a lock nut. By all the tools I mean even an axe! Yes, this is true, a guy actually used an axe in an attempt to take out a lock nut from his car’s wheel. He could have used a spanner with a longer arm in order to generate more force due to longer distance from the pivot, but all he thought to use was an axe. He definitely has ruined his car’s rim and the damage is irreversible just like that irreversible thermodynamic process of lost heat from a cup of tea.

He now needs to buy a new rim, however, the guy who actually did this to his car has not yet lost any hope. He went to a Facebook group in order to discuss the possible ways to free a lock nut from the rim after he had ruined everything using an axe.

The ruined rim!

Despite the smaller number of people in the group, this specific post earned thousands of comments and the reason behind the comments is quite obvious. I think that no one has ever seen a scenario like this in his entire life where a person used an axe to release a lock nut off his rim.

The story is not completed here, the post made its way to the Reddit and a person in the community showed the picture to his little sister.

So I showed this post to my little sister (she doesn’t speak english usually so can read it and understand most of it but there are still some words that doesn’t know) and then she asked me: “How the fuck were they expecting to get that lock nut off the car with a fucking deodorant?” (There’s a brand of men deodorants called AXE here). And suddenly the thing became even more funny. – [email protected]

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