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Guys destroyed their friend on Tinder with ‘Catfish Prank’

Dude is totally dead after learning that he got catfished by his very own friends. He might have thought to date that imaginary girl and to accompany her to her bed for having some quality time, but all his dreams have been shattered and all he got is a pair of stupid friends who fooled him for good.

Three mates decided to make a perfect Tinder profile in order to make a fool out of their own friend Ben. The guy had only fallen prey to a catfish prank in Christmass. The Swansea University students decided their entire script to play out against their friend Ben.  Ben fell for the fake Tinder profile and started talking dirty to the girl.

One thing led to the other and very soon, Benan, Fergus, and Koray sent the picture of a woman’s bum which hitherto made things more hotter.  The bottom which they sent to Ben was in fact of a guy, but it did look like of a girl appearing to be peachy in nature in the SnapChat conversation.

Unilad inquired about the incident, they wrote:

It started when we all returned back to uni in Swansea. Ben (from Essex), who is our flatmate we pranked, came back bragging about a girl he was talking to and had met on Tinder over the Christmas break.

She seemed pretty fake so we did some digging and found the pictures she sent to him on depot and online. Ben had sent her a d*ck pic, we told him he needed to be careful doing that as he’d just been catfished by this girl!

The same day myself and my other two flatmates sat at the kitchen table and wondered, ‘I wonder if we can catfish him, but surely he’s not that dumb’. We decided we’d give it a go and if we were successful then it would teach him a lesson he’d never forget.

These lads created a fake SnapChat account accompanied with a Tinder account. The guys described the situation of Ben during the entire prank as following:

We super liked him, he then came running in and jumping up and down with excitement that he’d matched such a pretty girl.

We had a tough time over the next few days keeping it together and sometimes had to walk off to cry with laughter, the best of which was when we sent him a photo of our flatmate in girls underwear and ben loved it, not realising it was one of us.

He’d come and chat to us about her and at a few points we were sat in his room with him, messaging him as this girl and he had no clue.

The guy whose bottom was sent disguised as a female one!

He definitely fell to the bottom. It’s quite impressive that all these guys were talking to Ben in the same room without smiling or laughing about anything in general. Ben had sent his friends a picture of his manhood while standing in a toilet. Still, he took the prank very well, his reaction can be seen below:

The positive reaction after knowing prank!

The following conversation has been involved in the entire prank.

The bottom picture of the guy has been blurred which appeared to be of a girl because of that pink lingerie, obviously we had to blur because we don’t want to make our advertisers angry! You can go visit Unilad for more details.

The rest conversation!

The opening conversation after the match happened

Unilad has the video which was sent to them with the reactions of the entire crew recorded. We can’t embed the video because of certain things which don’t align with our publishing standards, we couldn’t censor those elements as the video is hosted by Unilad. You can go visit their website for more details.

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