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Hackers stole CASINO Riches through a thermometer in Lobby Fish Tank

According to the Chief Executive Officer of a firm, hackers are increasingly targeting the things referred to as ‘internet of things’ to gain unauthorized access to corporate systems.

‘The internet of things’ includes anything that can be hooked up to the internet such as CCTV cameras or air-conditioning units. The scope of things that fall into this category is vast ranging from household appliances to widgets in power plants.

Nicole Eagan who is the CEO of Darktrace, told the WSJ CEO Council Conference in London on Thursday: “There’s a lot of internet-of-things devices, everything from thermostats, refrigeration systems, HVAC systems, to people who bring in their Alexa devices into the offices. There’s just a lot of IoT. It expands the attack surface, and most of this isn’t covered by traditional defenses.”

She shared one memorable interesting case on which Darktrace worked. In the case, a casino was hacked through a thermometer in an aquarium in the lobby. This might seem weird to a lot of people. Well, yes this has happened.

“The attackers used that to get a foothold in the network,” she said. “They then found the high-roller database and then pulled that back across the network, out the thermostat, and up to the cloud.”

Robert Hannigan, an ex-director of the UK’s Government Communications Headquarters also shared his concerns over the targeting of ‘internet of things’ devices.

“With the internet of things producing thousands of new devices shoved onto the internet over the next few years, that’s going to be an increasing problem,” Hannigan showed concerns. “I saw a bank that had been hacked through its CCTV cameras, because these devices are bought purely on cost.”

He also demanded regulations to ensure mandate safety standards.

“It’s probably one area where there’ll likely need to be regulation for minimum security standards because the market isn’t going to correct itself,” he said. “The problem is these devices still work — the fish tank or the CCTV camera still work.”

Source: Business Insider

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