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Harvey Weinstein slapped & called by names at Scottsdale Restaurant

Harvey Weinstein secured his spot in the famous producers of Hollywood after producing independent films as co-founder of The Weinstein Company. However, late in 2017, Weinstein faced the major crisis of his life when dozens of women accused him of abusive assault. The major humanitarian organizations fighting for the women rights started accusing and acting against the Weinstein. Around 80 women of the film industry accused Weinstein of assaulting them in a way or the other and this lead a major impression on Weinstein and dropped down his popularity.

Weinstein was dismissed by The Weinstein Company and he got expelled from the Academy Motion Picture. The career of the guy effected by various means, shortly after Weinstein got accused of all these things, there were several other powerful people who got ousted of their positions because other women accused them of similar things. This was later called as the Weinstein effect.

Some days ago a video was released on the internet where a guy can be seen slapping Weinstein and calling him by names because of the deeds he committed in the past. The video was released by TMZ, a channel which is famous for providing breaking news regarding the celebrities. Harvey was on the receiving end of the slaps which he received from this unknown guy which can be seen in the video. The guy not only slapped Harvey but also called him by names.

The video might not seem to be appropriate to some people since the guy slapping Harvey is actually taking law into his own hands. Though, this might seem to be an accurate activity for some people. The tag #MeToo was evolved on the social media, hashtagging it, a lot of women shared their stories on the internet. This guy slapping Harvey is mad at the same fact.

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