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High Heel Brows are taking over Instagram and For the love of God Make it Stop

Beauty bloggers are trying to experiment with looks and in that manner, they are trying harder to achieve different shapes and outcome. The recent experiment which went viral on the internet is with the eyebrows. These beauty specialists and common women are coming up with strange eyebrows design which has definitely attracted the attention of many internet users.

A long time ago there came a trend of smokey eyes which became quite popular among men as well, but today we are watching another different trend, this trend might make you enter the murky world of fashion. The trend of awkward eyebrows is under discussion. In the race to achieve strange eyebrows, an Instagram user @SkyzEditz has uploaded some weird photos of the digitally altered strange eyebrows. In recent days, another awkward trend “The fishtail eyebrow” had also taken over the internet.

Enjoy these pictures and do let us know if you can feel the cringe.

The strange Eyebrows

We are pretty sure that you must be thinking, “Who on earth is going to adopt such a fashion?” Well, it’s just a start only the future holds the truth. These models have gone viral on the internet who tried these heel eyebrows on their pictures. One model even shared the tutorial which she used to get the required outcome.

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Some people praised these models for their effort to add something unique in the world of fashion while other criticized these models for carrying out a strange thing. Many people left negative comments and undermined the models for being a bad role-model to their female followers. In addition to this eyebrow, a model came forward with a Halo Eyebrow.

Now, we don’t know if you appreciate these burgeoning eyebrows designs but there is a reality that a lot of people are already against such experiments.

A bonus picture

The usernames of these models are included in the pictures. You are encouraged to follow these models in order to have a detailed outlook on the upcoming eye-brow trends.

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