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‘High School Freakout’ has this one chick unleashing series of ‘Punches’

Look at those punches, these are some solid sucker punches with juggernaut force. Someone films this brawl and doesn’t think for a second to help those two girls resolve their differences. Those punches are for real and all this brawl ensued for some stupid reason as the same girl who punched the other can be seen walking towards the school lockers as if she had this strong information about the whereabouts of her prey.

The strange fact is the behaviour of the other kids, she vehemently punched her schoolmate launching attack after attack right in her face.  Almost no one gathered the courage to stop her from indulging in a physical fight. The poor girl who got attacked didn’t get enough time to do anything in her defence.

Left: The girl is finding her victim Right: She has beaten up her victim and is leaving the scene

Just looking at the above picture you can find out that the girl is taking brisk steps to find out her prey who is the poor girl standing at the school lockers attempting to place her belongings inside. As soon as this angry girl found her, she started releasing some serious sucker punches. She then forced her down to the ground meanwhile kept on punching her right in the face. The reason of the fight is not known.

Beyond a sucker punch. No warning at all, just wails on her then walks away as if she bested her in a real fight.” – wrote a dude in response to the video. The best part is the end part in which the girl after receiving quite a lot of punches gets up as if nothing had happened and leaves for her home.

Notice how she can get right back up as if nothing happened. Even her punches make her look like a p**** b****. That other girl is a champ.” – a dude pointed out the same thing. Watch the video below:

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