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Hotel guest gets trapped in a chair as he sits with clothes off , calls Fire Crew

A hotel guest suffers ultimate embarrassment as he got stuck in a chair. The fire crew had to be called to make the man free of the chair. The only reason he got stuck in the chair was, he was wearing no clothes. The strange incident happened when the man, an apparently espoused no-clothes,  sat down before having a shower. He didn’t see it coming that he was going to get stuck in the chair.

Even when he sat down, things were fine but as soon as he tried getting up, the testi***s below his member had dropped through the slats in the folding chair. He came to realize that he couldn’t move without getting free from the chair.

Things became more embarrassing when three fire engines appeared at the scene to help the poor man. The man, who was going through his 60s, was being assisted by two carers who alerted the emergency services. The carers were unable to solve the painful situation.

The fire crew appeared at the scene and they devised a plan to help the poor guy. The reached the conclusion that some of the slats had to be cut apart in order to free the man. After many a effort the guy was finally released. The relieved guest was able to stand up but later he had to be treated for some minor injuries at the University Hospital of Torrevieja.

The firemen were interviewed and they told the media that it was the most strange call they had ever received during their career. They firemen were astonished to learn about the situation.  They thought that the alarm was a joke and it wasn’t something serious.

The guy learned his lesson well, next time he’ll be wearing some good things just to remain safe from such an embarrassing situation.

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