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Instagram “Ghetto Chick” finally admits in footage she’s White

The Instagram star who got famous after she called herself Afro-American has recently claimed in a video, otherwise. A footage of her has been featured on a YouTube channel where she says, “I don’t think that I’m black.” The girl started getting loads of attention after the internet news websites decided to feature her for her stupid claims. She called herself Afro-American despite having no connection to the entire race.

Later, she provided proofs from ancestry tree and on the basis of which she claimed of having some genes around 46% from the African community. The internet was outraged on her claims and they took it as an insult to the community.

There are a lot of people who are still following the girl. She has earned quite a lot of following on the Instagram. There are people who curse her but they remain updated from every update involving Woah Vicky.

If you haven’t heard about the girl and you don’t know her details then there is a pretty good video shot by a channel which can give you quite a lot of details on Woah Vicky. You can also make a quick search on Google to find more details.

The thing is that this girl has earned quite a lot of exposure for her strange accent and awkward claims. The people who don’t like the girl don’t give her importance. However, there are people who take every update from Woah Vicky quite seriously.

The above is the video of Woah Vicky where she claims that she is white. The video is uploaded by a YouTuber. Woah Vicky was also attacked by a bunch of people as they thought that the girl is involved in making fun of a particular race called as African American.

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