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Internet blasts Kim K. for stealing ‘Black Culture’ on Snapchat

In a recent attempt, Kim Kardashian has successfully made into the news. Keeping up with Kardashians might feel hard to some people but they provide enough of a controversy to easily make a few headlines out of their daily life. A lot of people know Kim Kardashian for quickly climbing up the ladder of success with her video leaks.

A recent Snapchat of Kim K. has caused a lot of controversies. The internet is quite open when it comes to photography, beauty and the girls but it becomes suddenly harsh when someone tries to talk bad about races. A recent upload of Kim K. with caption “Bo Derek braids” has caused her face the backlash. This Sunday Kim K. posted her new hairstyle and featured a story about it on Snapchat. She says right into the camera,

So guys, I did ‘Bo Derek’ braids, and I’m really into it

Caption Credits: DailyMail

It’s a fact worth learning that Bo Derek was famously styled with cornrows in the 1979 film 10. This particular hairstyle which Kim K. adapted is often known as Cornrows or Fulani Braids and since Kim K. named it over some white woman in her snapstory then obviously she invited the internet police to come and backlash her over the act.

Calling this particular hairstyle as Bo Derek was an obvious mistake, or maybe Kim K. actually wanted to create some controversy.

Internet Backlash for Kim K.

Internet Backlash for Kim K.

Internet Backlash for Kim K.

Internet Backlash for Kim K.

Lucky for you, someone took a screen capture of the entire video which Kim K. had posted on the SnapChat. She looks like Woah Vicky in the video or at least her accent makes one think of Woah Vicky in a nutshell.

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