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Internet tracks down scumbag who stole tips from uber driver

Well this is quite fast and it just shows the power of the Internet and blogging. 2 days after we posted about a girl stealing some money from an Uber driver in New York the girl gets tracked by the Internet. Now we know the identity of the girl and a lot of people below the video suggested that the criminal charges must be pressed against the girl.

The girl had used an app to book her Uber and stealing with her entire details in the application was quite an absurd idea. She didn’t think for a second that authorities could track her down using her credit card which she used in the app. Well, the Internet worked faster than the credit card tracking and authorities as it tracked her Instagram, which is at the moment is public but who knows if it goes goes private any moment.

The theft that was done by the girl was quite selfish since these Uber drivers hardly make both ends meet. Driving a cab and expecting to earn a lot is a hard bet. For those who haven’t heard this news already, an Uber driver was dropping a trio of friends when this girl decided to slide her hand into the tip jar and stole every bit of his money. She then got out of the car and ran away before Uber driver could realise that he had been robbed.

The Uber account of the woman is already deactivated and she has been barred from using the service again. We think that the girl did this crime only to gain some social media attention. This 18-year-old girl has been identified on Instagram and she calls her as simply as Gabita and she posts some selfies.

Gabita posting selfie, the same girl who stole from Tip Jar of Uber Driver

Right now we checked her Instagram account and that isn’t there, looks like the girl removed her account already fearing an arrest. She was operating Instagram with handle , “almightygabita”

Gabita posing in another picture on Instagram

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