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Introvert nice guy suggests his crush to cheat her boyfriend & give him a chance, gets savage response

I don’t understand that why people try to ruin someone else’s life. Let them live happily and decide on their own if they want to reconsider their choices. Trying to knit a nest of intrigue for someone is not something to be appreciated.

This guy who contacted his crush through the messages tried to convince her to dump her boyfriend. He is an introvert as reported by his friend and wears a dress of niceness. Though his messages are showing a different personality. Saying something like, “Hey I saw your boyfriend, and you deserve better, someone like me. It’s not about looks, you know right?” is like promoting someone to cheat.

I expect you to give me a chance, he’s never good for you. I wouldn’t ever hurt you,” asking someone to hurt another dude in return of not getting hurt again, damn man! you forgot Karma.

Turns out that the girl even doesn’t know the guy. She told him to give a shut up call to his accusations against her boyfriend.

The girl has made it clear in the messages not to disturb her again in this regard. The guy, on the other hand, went south quickly. He was an introvert and was always found quiet but this time he replied with stupid remarks. Definitely, a poor guy pretending to be a nice guy to score some girl.

Guys! don’t use such poor tactics and don’t be a cause to let down the men community.

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