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iPhone Founder, Steve Jobs’ daughter is all GROWN UP & living WILD Ventures

Steve Jobs left a huge hole in the tech world when he died in 2011 after losing a long fought battle against pancreatic cancer. He is known for his extraordinary work in the field tech and for revolutionizing tech. The five decades of his work can be best defined by the huge success of Apple. Under the shadow of all of Jobs’ success it is easy to forget that he also had a family and was also a father of four.

Since the beginning he saw ‘Apple’ as his child and focused all of his attention towards its success for the rest of his life. His focus was so unwavering that when he had a real living child with his first girlfriend in high school, Chrisann Brennan, 23, he refused to acknowledge the baby as his own.

However, his claim was proven false by paternity testing and the results were conclusive; Steve was in fact Lisa’s father. But Jobs did not accept her as her own child for many years to come, while he still payed child support. He became millionaire just a year after Lisa drew her first breath and his wealth multiplied in the next year.

Jobs relationship with Lisa is well known amongst many people, which is even covered in the 2005 film which is a biography of Steve Jobs, but merely few people actually know that he had three children other than Lisa.

He fell in love with Laurence Powell in 1989 and from her he had his remaining three kids i.e. Reed Paul Jobs, Erin Paul Jobs and Eve Paul Jobs respectively.

The three children remained unnoticed due to the secretive nature of the couple. However, recently Eve, who just turned 19, is capturing many eyes due to her online persona.

She is currently enrolled in Stanford University; she is also very open about lifestyle online. Her lifestyle is far from normal, which goes without saying because of her inheritance. Eve is also a very skilled equestrian ad competes at high profile events.

She, her two siblings and her mothers are worth $20.1 billion according to Forbes. Jobs had high hopes for Eve and always thought that one day she will run Apple. The future looks promising for her.

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