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ISIS slave dies after torture & guy calls her a gift to abuse rather to kill

Dailymail is a source of news and information on happenings from all around the globe. A few months back they had covered story about the life of a slave who had fled to ISIS from Austria. Later she got beaten to death. The girl is believed to be tortured because she was trying to escape ISIS from Al-Raqqa, Syria.

Samra Kesinovic, 17, and her friend Sabina Selimovic became ‘poster girls’ for ISIS after they arrived in Syria in April 2014. Dailymail reported in their cover story!

It’s also believed that these two girls had married ISIS fighters after they reached Syria. These girls actually wanted to fight in Syria in order to make effective peace efforts. However, UN believes that after these girls were made a slave, they were beaten to death.

The story is quite eerie and has potential to make readers feel sick. However, about this story, a comment was left on the Dailymail post. This comment earned quite a lot of attention of the internet users. Someone pulled a screenshot and uploaded it to the social media. There was this *unnamed* guy who thought that being an ethical slave-owner was better than actually killing girls.

The strange comment made from somewhere near the western hemisphere (not revealing the exact location or audience will get infuriated) and it read the praise of the dead girls. The guy behind the comment wanted to have some relationship with these girls and he had no clue about the brutality which these poor girls endured during their stay with ISIS.

I don’t have words to actually describe more about this comment! However, I can float it on the internet to let people know that stupid human exist. These girls who are no more alive and then a guy from nowhere gets the right to comment on them, this is not fair.

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