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Jail worker allowed inmate escape his cell repeatedly to sleep with him

Seems like some adult move scenario, No? Well, all thanks to “Jonathon Ramos” for providing us a nice picture from his documentary, so we combined it with the real inmate. A Jail employee has been accused of making her way to the prison in order to commit love affair with one of the inmates. Jill Curry was tried in the court and she was found guilty of all the accusations.

A judge sentenced Curry, 38, to more than four years in the prison. The charge included the first-degree professional misconduct for having a physical intimate encounter with a prisoner. She repeatedly allowed the inmate to come out of her cell in order to sleep with him. They later moved their way to the supply closet for indulging in intimate affairs.

Ms Curry was an employee at the Washington County Jail and she didn’t know that Karma would take a walloping at her for misdeeds. At the sentencing, Curry apologized sincerely for compromising the jail security. However, hours later she released a rather ambivalent statement, “Curry released a statement that describes the inmate as a sociopath and says she lacked the training to supervise problematic inmates.”  according to

(The inmate) then told me he had done this before with a deputy several times. He explained to me that it happened when he was in custody in 2010. He described exactly how they got away with it. … He told me she explained to him about the cameras and mailed him money when he went to prison, – Curry wrote in the statement

Ms Curry didn’t name the deputy, so the Washington County is now investigating further to get into more details. The detailed analysis reveals the details which lead Ms Curry to escalate from having a conversation at the intercom system to a physical intimate encounter with the prisoner.

Ms Curry!

Their contact began in 2013, “We’d talk about food, television shows, music, his family and his childhood,” she wrote. “I recall telling him that he was a smart kid and full of charisma. I suggested that he should straighten out his life, leave the gang banging behind and put his skills to better use. I felt like I might be able to make a difference in his life.” – as reported by

Later, by the March 2014, the inmate became really charming for Ms Curry.

He began talking to me like I was his girlfriend and expressed how much he liked me, He told me how wonderful I was at my job and it was nice to have a helpful and courteous person in the bubble. He would read me poems, sing me songs and show me pictures of his family.

The control room was called Bubble, as Ms Curry was attached to a Deputy of Pod 3. This was the area of maximum security in the entire jail. During the breaks, the inmate used to talk to Curry through the intercom. The control room, called the bubble had its window facing the cell block.

Ms Curry and the inmate

Ms Curry wasn’t happily married so she started to open more about her life to the inmate. Ms Curry was married to sheriff’s deputy at that time. Now, the couple has been divorced. The inmate used to console Ms Curry.

(He) obviously sensed that I liked what he was saying because his words went from compliments to intimate innuendos, – She Wrote in her Statement

The Body Politic feels anger towards Ms Curry for neglecting her marriage and getting in bed with an inmate. She said that she enjoyed her compliments and detailed talks. So, she wanted to be around him more and even more. A month later into this, she could think nothing else but the inmate. Though, she ended her statement and called inmate a sociopath.

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