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Jealous girlfriend ‘Frees Man of his Manhood’ after learning about alleged affair

This is quite an eerie incident which happened to a man at hands of his own love. A jealous girlfriend became so angry on her boyfriend that she allegedly cut off his manhood using a scalpel. The attack happened when she found that her boyfriend had praised another woman looks, she must have thought of him getting involved in that other woman.

Zhanna Nurzhanova, 36yo, became furious when she found that her boyfriend had praised the looks of another woman. He had sent the pictures of a woman to his sister using his phone. Zhanna found out about those pictures and the accompanied praise, she didn’t think for a second but planned against her own boyfriend.

Zhanna has been accused of secretly giving her boyfriend a sleeping pill before executing the entire operation. She waited for him to pass out in the city of Astana, Kazakhstan. The girlfriend, Zhanna, then injected the dude with an anaesthesia, after that she started doing the operation.

In order to fool her boyfriend to perform her operation stealthily, she asked him to play a game in which she tied his both legs and arms. After that, she took two pills and forced them into the man’s mouth. At around 2 am, she started accusing the man of having an affair with another woman. She then beat her boyfriend using an aluminium stick, he couldn’t do anything as he was tied up.

During the entire activity, she used a thread to sew off the cuts. However, one thread slid off and the man started to bleed. Later, the woman took her to the hospital and she didn’t want him dead. The hospital at once learned that the woman wanted to free the man of his manhood, thus they called the police which later arrested the woman.

The woman is about to face jail time for around 10 years. The man’s drive of mating up with another woman will be reduced after the incident, he might need supplementary drugs to fulfil the deficiency.

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