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Jennifer Lawrence reveals fears over her first ever adult scene

Hollywood stars are filled with confidence and the right skills to perform any action scene, this is the kind of general perception prevalent in the audience. However, they are also normal human beings like us and can be often carried away by the whims of insecurities. The same happened with Jennifer Lawrence when she was preparing for her first ever adult scene for the movie “Red Sparrow”.

She recently opened up about her biggest concerns regarding the adult scene in action-packed spy movie Red Sparrow. The 60yo TV host Ellen asked Jennifer about her experience regarding the scene as she had taken the plunge of never doing an adult performance on screen. The actress not only explained her motivation but she went a step further and explained the obstruction which held her way to comfortably let her perform the scene.

The movie was officially released on March 2. In a scene, Jennifer decided to strip down on camera for the first time in her life. She had previously insisted that she’ll never do any scene adult in nature.

<blockquote>I think I finally just got hot, To me it was really just an amazing script and story. I loved the character and I just didn’t want to miss out on it because of like my weird insecurities so I did it and it was really lovely. </blockquote>

The day they planned to film her adult scene, the crew was very nice and welcoming. She felt a bit relaxed as the crew was from the Hunger Games. So, on the day of the shoot, the crew warmed up her room a little bit to which she responded in an aggressive manner, “What are you doing with this heat! My ni**les are going to be huge!”

The actress was sharing her concerns with Ellen regarding her scene and it appeared that the particular adult scene was quite a big deal for Jennifer Lawrence. She further added that stripping down her clothes was her own choice so she felt empowered as it wasn’t someones else direction to make her perform in a particular fashion.

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