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Jim Carrey paints the most scandalous portrait of Adult Star Stormy & Trump

Jim Carrey is a well-known actor who adopted a passion for art in past few years, He shares his artistic work regarding the current political atmosphere on Twitter.

Many people claim that Mr. Carrey has reached a higher conscious. His behavior is totally different from his acting days. He seems very wise and seems to be quite mystical.

He is known to be quite expressive and what better way to express than art. He has been openly critical of the Trump administration but recently it seems like he has taken a new strategy.

He recently posted a picture on his Twitter account, and it is weird, to say the least.

The picture is captioned “Fifty Shades of Decay”. His painting shows President Donald J Trump having intercourse with the adult star stormy daniels. There is a seal of the presidency that is hiding their private parts as well.

This portrait comes merely few days before the adult start will speak for the first time about the alleged affair on 60 Minutes on CBS on Sunday.

Jim has over 18 million followers on Twitter alone, and this is not the first time he has posting a picture like this.

Before this, there was a portrait of the press secretary as well which was captioned as “This is the portrait of so-called Christian whose only purpose in life is to lie for the wicked. Monstrous.” Although he did not take her name it was very evident that it was, in fact, the press secretary that was in the portrait.

There are other portraits on his timeline as well.

You do not need to have an eye for the art to appreciate the beauty of his artistry.

I am still shocked that the President hasn’t tweeted about it yet, but I’m sure we can already imagine his response.

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