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Kelly wets her pants after a rant on Starbucks, gets trolled with #PissedMyOwnPants

Even the stars can face a problem and this time it was Kelly Osbourne who was in a hurry in order to grab a restroom. She wanted to use it because it was an emergency situation as wanted to use toilet somewhere. She could see nothing but a Starbucks and all she asked the staff was to let her use the restroom.

She was not expecting a no for an answer! However, to her surprise, she learned that she couldn’t use the restroom. So, reportedly she ranted on the employees and later went outside. As she couldn’t resist the urge, thus wetted her pants.

Later, she updated the status on Twitter and ranted on Starbucks for their unprofessional code of conduct. The following tweet was made and it instantly went viral after getting quite a lot of re-tweets.

Kelly rants on Starbucks!

Sometime later someone replied to Kelly on Twitter telling her that this specific branch of Starbucks had no restroom. The Buzz News later contacted and located the branch and they came to know that because of the small size of the branch it only had employee restroom.

Hi Kelly! We’ve no restroom!

The star was ranting on the Starbucks, the customer service later replied Kelly and told her to get in contact with them in order to resolve the issue completely.

Star rants on Starbucks!

The story tapped a trend on the Twitter with the hashtag, #PissedMyOwnPants and people started tweeting the trend with insane tweets. Apparently, they are making fun of the star for stirring up such a small thing.

The funny trend!

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