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Khalifa launches tirade of abuse against this NFL Player for fighting her favourite

Just when you think that Mia Khalifa is done roasting other people for their mistakes then at the same time a new rant of the former adult star gets released either on the social media or on the general outlets of the internet. This time the person to get under the wrath of Khalifa is none other than a famous NFL player, AJ Green. So MIA Khalifa slammed this NFL ace AJ Green after his punch-up with Jalen Ramsey. The fight broke out between the two because of some heated argument right on the field and Mia couldn’t help but to take the side of her favourite player, Jalen Ramsey.

24-year-old Mia Khalifa had earned quite a reputation doing the adult videos but she later changed and opted to become a sports journalist. She always had a thing for sports and her Twitter shows the same.

She didn’t think for a second before giving a command on the fight between AJ Green and Jalen Ramsey. According to The Sun:

The furore began when Ramsey, 23, shoved Cincinnati wide receiver Green, 29, at the end of play.

Green responded by grabbing his opponent from behind in a choke hold before throwing him to the ground and launching a series of punches at him, leading to both sides brawling.

You can watch the video of the incident and fight below:

The incident actually gained a lot of attention online and the spectrum of this attention can be taken into account when the famous former adult star Mia Khalifa herself tweeted about the incident.

The rest tweet can be read by visiting Mia’s Twitter

She even tweeted other controversial rants about AJ Green, she wrote stuff like, “AJ Green c*ms in the biscuit last.” and “AJ Green j*rks off to Mia Khalifa p*rn.” The star must be pretty embarrassed over the fight and for receiving some shameful tirade from Mia himself.

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