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Lady takes online survey and believes she’s pregnant, turns out it was a scam to take her pictures

Nothing can be trusted these days, a lady takes an online survey and the result came out as a positive pregnancy test. Later it turns out that it was a scam survey just to take her pictures.

She then goes to Instagram and instead of whining about the failed test, she plans on selling back the crib which she bought for the upcoming baby.

The whole story goes on something like this, the online survey persuaded the lady that she was pregnant. So she ordered a crib for the child and started making preparation. Days later she realised her mistake and came to know that the survey was indeed an opportunity for scammers to get the private pictures of her body behind the reasoning of medical test online. She then posted an Instagram update admitting her mistake and letting others know about the will and want of the scammers. She indeed took a bold step to exactly explain the scammer’s intentions.

This story actually serves us a lesson, never believe everything on the internet. Always question the reality and always consider giving yourself a sound reason for everything or you’ll be scammed to like this lady.

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