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Landlord goes savage on Low Income Couple hunting rented property on Facebook

A savage landlord played his no effs given card on a couple hunting rented property. He gives the couple a direct reply saying, “Do yourself a favour and stop sucking the life out of this country, I’m not saying this out of haste or hate but this is the truth.

Wow! that was a rather direct reply to a couple who was looking to rent a property for their living.

According to Lad Bible, A couple was finding a place to live. They planned on acquiring a rented place. Not to forget, the couple receives benefits due to ill health.

The couple contacted the landlord on Facebook who advertised that he had room to be rented. It turned out that landlord ended up playing the savagery, he told them not to be a burden for receiving health benefits. The couple was making an excuse to get all the benefits, this was the ideology of landlord.

The landlord inquired the couple about the reason of getting the health benefits. The landlord was told that Liam had depression and Maria was suffering from back pain. Liam and Maria being the couple who wanted to rent the place.

The landlord then asked the couple about their age. He also asked about the seriousness and extent of the suffering.

The landlord didn’t want any loss on the couple side while they lived on his property. He also asked them about any drug issues.

Landlord was told both of them didn’t smoke or took any drugs.

This is where the landlord goes savage and he touches the wires of reality.

So Maria Brindle and Liam Bellis contacted Kevin Parkes on Facebook to get the room on rent but instead they got a savage advise.



2 thoughts on “Landlord goes savage on Low Income Couple hunting rented property on Facebook”

  1. Kyle says:

    If the couple had the deposit then what is the issue? Even if they didn’t they seem like much better tenants than the ones I’ve seen.

    1. Damien says:

      This makes me sick mental health issues such as depression are no joke. This a hole is the one who needs a reality check number one cause of death in North america is suicide related to depression what a piece of shit this landlord is. Ohhhh depression is caused by your current living status or ur situation exc give me a fcking break.

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