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Lonely guy orders bride through mail and marries her right after the delivery

Mail-order bride seems like a weird thing to do for most of the people, they think its demeaning and there are more bad sides than good sides of buying your spouse.

Netflix made a documentary on the mail-order bride, which showed adventure of some men getting a mail-order bride.

In the documentary, there is one scene that got most of the attention. Watch the video below:

In this video, a man from America is marrying a woman from Ukraine, and they have the most cringe-worthy kiss every. To someone who doesn’t know the word cringe, this is the perfect illustration of it.

The guy seems happy, but it often happens in these kinds of cases that this happiness is temporary. Because most of the mail-order brides do it for the money and American citizenship. Once they are not dependent on the person, they don’t have an incentive to live with the guys anymore. And such things also happened in this documentary. This is really depressing.

Although in this case, the guy was lucky and they had a baby together, which was shown at the end of the documentary.

You know most people who order mail-order brides are the ones that suck at the dating game.

Many people see it as a two way exploitation, clearly if that woman belonged to west wouldn’t have married him in a million years.

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