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Man accidentally drops $42,000 worth of champagne bottle & goes nuts

Oh Well! Can you guess which brand was this? Or can you guess the amount of champagne involved or the type? Yes, obviously anyone can know the worth of the bottle after having a look at the video. There might be people who after reading the title of this article might have some names in their mind like, “Alright, this might be the champagne which got spilt, Alas!

The video of a person who was trying to open up a really expensive cocktail has gone viral on the internet. Almost no one can believe that a $42k worth of cocktail got thrown up on the floor. The place where this happened is a bar in Ibiza.

Man tries to open expensive cocktail!

Almost everyone has a smartphone in hand, as the eager mob is trying to capture the opening moment of the expensive cocktail. Not a single person has a clue that this champagne wasn’t meant to be consumed instead everyone is neglected of the near future in the video. They are cheering for the guy to open the bottle.

There were other opinions about the video like a guy left a comment beneath the video and accused the guy of being the bar employee as an earpiece could be seen in the video. So, the man drops magnum of Champagne on the floor in Ibiza’s club.

The entire audience went nuts after they saw the guy dropping off the champagne. They couldn’t imagine that anything of the sort was going to happen so it took them by surprise.

Worth 30k? Lick that sh*t up off the floor, all of it! – a guy left a comment beneath the video

It appears that they wanted to celebrate something, however, the entire plan went stupid when he dropped the bottle which was worth £30,000 in Ibiza. So it makes a huge sum of money, the average price of the bottle is the same as told in the title.

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