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Man accidentally finds $24 million lottery ticket in an old shirt prior to two days of its expiry

This man found a lottery ticket in an old shirt. The ticket was worth $24 million. The accident caused him to become a millionaire and he couldn’t believe his luck. I am also sceptical about his success as a lottery winner since every time I found something in my shirt’s pocket, it was either a $1 bill or a tissue paper used previously to clean phlegm in the nose.

So this 68-year old Jimmie Smith had a shirt which was hanging in the closet for years. The shirt had a pocket which was stuffed with a stack of unchecked lottery tickets. “I always told myself, ‘I’ll check them when I have the time.” – said the old Smith in an interview to CNN.

So, finally he checked his shirt’s pockets and he was amazed to find a close to expiry lottery ticket which made him win $24 million. Had he been more late than 48 hours, he would have lost this copious sum of money.

The NewYork Lotto tickets had started a campaign on Twitter to find the deserved winner. After the disclosure of lottery winners, there is a time of 12 months in which the winner has to collect the money. Two days before the expiry of one of their tickets sold in NewYork city after a period of 11 months, no one had come to claim the prize. Until one day, when the real winner Smith checked on his shirt’s pockets only to find that the announced winning number was on his lottery ticket which he just found in his shirt.

He couldn’t believe his eyes, it seemed like some dream. He read the number on his lottery ticket again. It was May 23, 2017, when he found the ticket which was set to expire on May 25, 2017.

We are thrilled that this lucky winner was able to locate this life-changing ticket,” said one of the NewYork Lotto organizers. The Smith decided to receive lottery payments over a course of 36 years.

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