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Man being fired brings ’emotional support clown’ to meeting with employer

Some things are pretty strange, especially a man bringing an emotional support clown during a meeting with an employer who has just fired him. A support clown was just not going to pass away the ordeal.

A New Zealand man is faving the ax at work and he thought of brining in an emotional support clown just to avert the tragedy. The $200 hired performer gave some comedic relief as his bosses fired him.

Joshua Jack, a resident of Auckland in New Zealand told NYpost that he already knew something bad was coming his way when his employer called him through an email for a possible meeting regarding a readjustment of his role.

It did talk about being able to bring a support person.

In the reply to the email, he asked his employer a permission to bring in a support person for the meeting. Joshua Jack also thought that maybe the fuss was about promotion; therefore, he paid $200 and hired a clown for services. The news of an emotional support clown being hired by someone who was just fired quickly went viral in New Zealand. The story was published in New Zealand Herald and no one was expecting a clown as a therapist.

They were getting a free service and also getting the entertainment from Joe the clown.

Jack said that during the meeting, the clown was at times a bit distracting. He was told to be quite for some time because the noise which his balloons were making as he transformed those to animals was kind of squelching. However, he served his purpose well and was successful in altering the overall environment of the meeting.

The clown mimed crying as Jack was provided redundancy paperwork and he created a balloon unicorn to lighten up the mood.

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