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Man explains cheating but this girl blows him up & calls all boys stupid!

Alright, so when was the last time when you tried having some argument with your girl? I’m sure it must be in a very near future but for all those single guys out there, I’m sorry for bringing up this argument because I’m sure you are dying to get into some sort of relationship.

Meanwhile, you must be wondering that what’s the connection of the above arguments with this post? There is a deep connection. I came across something terrific on the twitter which turned into a meme instantly and is now getting featured on the social media all around. I’m sure we are the first one to report on this, because why not? We almost cover all the garbage, whoops! I mean, humor.

The quick punch!

The story doesn’t end up here, we all know that this war of men vs the women is quite old and a lot of couples are involved in this traditional argument. This is a never-ending argument and we sure short can’t generalise everyone in a single statement.

One of her followers apparently found the tweet source on Instagram but was welcomed with another quick reply, “Do you think I read quotes on instagram with one like? eehh”

The Instagram version!

The tweet actually started to gain some pretty quick attention and replies. The guys particularly started to get angry on the girl for calling the men stupid.

Stupid! Why?

Anyway, there were typically hundreds of replies in the same sense which this guy made! That pretty much means we can’t embed every tweet. However, I’m sure this is a pretty funny situation here!

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