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Man gets hit by FEMALE Bully in crotch, beats the hell out of her

This guy lost his calm when he got hit between the legs by these girls. It looks like they were bullying the guy, calling him names in German, the guy seemed calm until they switched from verbal to physical abuse.

One of the girls kicked him right on his member and after that, he started slapping both of them as a revenge.

Although it may or may not be legally justified, though,in all honesty, these bullies deserved it.

Sadly it is the norm of the society, that females get a free pass in certain situations and some of them actually use the soft attitude of society toward them for being absolute garbage.

Maybe next time they won’t think that it is cool to bully someone like they did.

When the reality revealed itself the look on the girls’ face was priceless.

From their looks, it is also evident that they did not expect him fighting back.

What is even more troublesome is not the reaction of the girls’ but people around them. They seemed pretty ‘minding their own business’ kind of people when the guy was being bullied, but their jaws dropped when they saw the guy fighting back. He was getting abused for more than five minutes apparently and when the guy retaliated, the bystanders started yelling ‘Oh My God!’.

What happened to equality? It is my understanding that all of the people accept it as a standard for the modern society. If a female kicks a guy, it should be treated equally as a guy kicking a girl.

Girls started the fight and he ended it, it is as simple as that.

Guy or a girl, if you do not want a beating you should behave as a decent human being.

Kudos to the guy for defending himself, not everyone has the willpower to stand up for themselves.

Women deserve to be treated as equally as men in every situation.

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