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Man shoots another man’s hunting dogs and the public is outraged

A verbal outrage broke out between the two men and the video of the confrontation got recorded. This video was later published online and it made its way into the viral content of the internet. Social Media definitely plays a strong role in making anything public.

If the thing is intriguing and worth grabbing people’s attention then nothing can stop it from spreading all over the social media. So, there is this hunter who confronted a man because apparently he just shot his two coyote hunting dogs while he was trying to remove their tracking collars.

The reason for shooting the dogs was given by the man. He said that the dogs were on his land and they were barking at him.

Warning: The video below contains explicit language and graphic images.

The uploader of the video gave the following caption:

My son is going to be devastated… These dogs might belong to my cousin but my boy loves them too.. This man better pay! These are trained coyote hunting dogs and this man took it upon himself to shoot not just 1 but 2 this morning.. please share.. Mr. Barr i hope you do some time for this one. Also the blood you see is from the dogs he shot and was caught removing their collars. The dog owner did not assault this man however, he did take his gun from him so he was not shot while retrieving his dead dogs.

Anyway, this is not the way to deal with the animals, there could have been other way around, the dogs were merely barking and were present on the land of this man who allegedly shot them dead. The animals need mercy and being a human it is our duty to provide them with some of our love.

In the comments, other controversial facts about this video can be read, like there are maps in the comments section which show that the dogs were actually not in his territory.

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