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Man squirts his own ejaculate at women using a bottle for more than 40 years

A man was found to be harassing women for more than 40 years using his own ejaculate in a public place. The vile campaign lasted for more than 40 years until he got noticed by authorities.

Michael Morris, a 59-year-old grown-up man used to stalk his victims in supermarkets, shopping centre and buses stops before he tossed his own ejaculate at these victims. The guy says that he cannot explain his behaviour and for this, he got jailed for 3 to 6 years.

I can only speculate that the first woman was a representation of someone who represented a negative authority figure – said the guy in a vague explanation of his behaviour.

The guy says that he is extremely sorry if he caused any grievous behaviour. In his last assault, Morris had tossed his fluid at a woman who came to Valley farm market at Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. The judge who was heading the case of Morris said that this sentence was long overdue as the behaviour of the criminal at hand is quite bizarre and perverted. The judge further added that he had never seen such a case in entire his career.

Valley Farm Market

In his stupid campaign the Morris from Allentown used to fill a bottle with his own fluid and after the selection of victims, he squirted it at them.

The guy was arrested in February 2016 after the police was reported that he had sprayed his own fluid at a shopper’s bottom in Valley farm market, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. The guy was present at his therapist’s office when the police arrived and arrested him. The DNA of the guy was tested and it found a match with the one present on the victim. The crimes of Morris could not be considered as a huge defence until 2006 when the new seminal fluid law was introduced.

Victims were left depressed.

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