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Married middle school teacher arrested over ‘intimate’ relationship with a boy whom she sent raunchy photos

Following is the outline of the entire story:

  1. Stephanie Peterson a 26 years old teacher in New Smyrna, Florida got arrested on Wednesday.
  2. She was having an alleged affair with her student, 14yo boy, starting from Nov last year.
  3. The teen snitched on her teacher and told his parents that he had been receiving some raunchy photos.
  4. He also alleged that the teacher brought him ‘marijuana’ and a bowl to smoke it.
  5. Peterson resigned from her position as a school teacher following the allegations.
  6. She got arrested and was sent to jail because of lewd behavior with a minor.
  7. Peterson is married to a firefighter, Brandon since 2015.

Married teacher conducts a series of lascivious acts with her student:

Stephanie Peterson, 26yo, has been arrested on charges of getting involved in an intimate relationship with her own 14yo student. The relationship was reported to be physical in nature with allegations starting from an exchange of raunchy pictures between the two.

The 8th grader on inquiry told the police that his teacher used to pick him up from home at 11 pm and they used to spend time in private afterward.

The teen alleged that the teacher sent him raunchy photographs and some marijuana.

Stephanie Peterson

The boy told his parents that this relationship with his teacher made his grades and study suffer. He condemned the time spent with his teacher as a total wastage. The arrest was announced by Volusia County Sheriff’s office on Facebook.


Peterson resigned from her job one day before she got arrested. Peterson had advised the boy to not share the relationship details with anyone. The boy and the teacher have removed their social media profiles.


Following pictures were obtained from her social profiles.

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