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Maths teacher arrested for having improper relationship with 2 students

Haeli Way, a maths teacher got arrested for having intimate relations with two of her students. The teacher spent her Friday morning in the court while Judge David Wahlberg was presiding her case.

According to the documents released by the court, she had an improper relationship with a 17yo male student and she made explicit encounters with the student for more than 10 times. Later, she did the same with another student who too was 17 years old. The teacher reportedly got involved with two of her own students.

One of the young man, the first one, was found by her at a student ministry program. The other one she encountered during a summer camp. The teacher developed a sort of attraction for both of these young lads. Wey got arrested for her bad deeds in 2015 and got charged with 2 counts of improper relations between an educator and a student.

Later, in February, she entered guilty plea.

The judge found that he had enough evidence to find her guilty but did not and placed her on a 10 year deferred adjudication probation.

The probation means that if she does everything as directed during the said period then her name will be cleared of the felony and it will be like she did nothing in the past. The case would be dismissed against Wey.

There are a lot of people who are whining about her sentence on the Facebook page, most of these people say that the outcome would have been different if it were a case about a man violating the students. Mike said, “The outcome would have been different if it were a male teacher arrested on similar charges.”

Kendra wrote that she got disappointed after hearing the decision. The teacher should have been registered as an offender, she added further.

Wey has to do 200 hours of community service in addition to the probation period. She voluntarily surrendered her teaching certificate and in future, she won’t have any contact with those 2 students.

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