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Meet 700-lbs Riley, she wants to be bed-bound and aims to weigh 1000-lbs!

There are people all around the world with different views regarding religion, health and career. The beliefs of these people are mostly dependent upon their surroundings and their society. However, there are certain exceptions which cannot be explained using this ideology and this woman is surely one of those exceptions. She wants to increase her weight so much that it may force her to remain bed-bound. She currently weighs around 700lbs and it is her goal to increase it up to £1,000. The family of the women is sometimes supportive and sometimes they are also concerned about her health.

Her first video interview has been published by a Facebook page “Hooked on the look”. She does not want to lose her weight and the 27-year-old Monica Riley from Fort Worth, Texas wants to be more obese and fat. The people of the internet are of the opinion that being a plus size is preferably fine but putting on weight beyond the limits can actually be harmful to the health. The woman actually wants to be a model and she also does some live chat sessions.

Monica models on the ‘super sized big beautiful women’ website and she wants to become the fattest woman in the world. The boyfriend of the Monica who is 25-year-old guy spends a huge time of his day cooking for Monica. He rolls her over and tries to feed her through a funnel when the stomach of Monica is almost full.

Feeding with love!

“What attracts me to being immobile is you get to be like a queen. Like back in the Egyptian ages, where like, the more fatter you were the more you loved you were.” – said Monica. She also receives Pizzas and other edible gifts from her customers who hire for modelling purposes. She eats around 6000 to 8000 calories a day.

“To see Monica getting bigger just makes me feel proud, because she’s achieving what she wants to do. I mean of course I’m not complaining, I’ve been into, you know, fat girls, ever since I’ve been into girls – so I’m definitely not complaining,” said Sid, the boyfriend of Monica.

Watch their video below and make sure to leave comments. Disclaimer, the video might not be safe for some viewers, so viewers discretion is advised.

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