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Mia Khalifa allegedly gets kicked out of “Dodgers Game” after punching fan trying to take a selfie

Someone tries to take a selfie with his favourite queen of loneliness and gets a punch in return. I guess this is a clear warning that Mia doesn’t like to allow uncalled selfies. So, next time you find your favourite adult-star amidst some festival, don’t try to capture her in your own frame. If you still feel lucky enough to snap a selfie, even then chances are high of you, getting punched right in the face.

BroBible reported that Mia Khalifa was there to attend the Game 1 of National League of Champion Series which takes places every year in October. The match was between Chicago Cubs and Los Angeles Dodgers. A viral video is currently circulating on the internet which shows Mia Khalifa getting escorted out of the stadium. According to the person capturing the video, he said that Mia was kicked out of the stadium because she punched a guy who tried to take a selfie with her.

Mia Khalifa also got in the news a week back after sliding into the DMs of Gilbert Arenas and it was basically to promote their show. Now, I don’t know if this stunt while watching the game was also to get into the spotlight or the fan really did something else other than merely taking a selfie with Mia.

Watch the video below and it can be seen that Mia Khalifa got escorted out of the stadium, there is a security official too, and it looks like she was really getting kicked out for doing something nasty.

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