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Mia Khalifa blames ISIS death threats as a reason for quitting adult industry, says she wasn’t after money

Mia Khalifa blames “Death Threats” as a reason for “Quitting” porn

Mia Khalifa blames ISIS death threats as a reason for quitting adult industry

The famous adult star Mia Khalifa was interviewed by Lance Armstrong and she revealed the reason behind her decision for quitting the adult industry. It’s well established that Lance Armstrong and Mia Khalifa have something in common – they know what it’s like to live with some major regrets.

Armstrong in past went through a doping test which came positive and as a repercussion, he was banned from Tour de France and cycling. Khalifa while atop her career decided to leave it and switch to the sports journalist. Many know that Khalifa was born in Lebanon and she wore Hijab in some of her adult movies. Due to the fantasies of general public wanting to see a Lebanon woman wearing a hijab while performing erotic scenes on the screen, she quickly rose to the heights of fame.

Then the worst nightmare came, the 21yo said that she started receiving death threats from ISIS. As a result, she decided to quit the adult industry. Later after quitting her past work she is finding difficult to shed away her image as an adult star.

Looking back on it I don’t know what I was thinking … I was 21 and dumb. As soon as I started to gain popularity that’s when I was like ‘get the f— out of this’ … this was not what I was trying to do whatsoever,” she added. “I just wanted to let loose and rebel a little bit. It didn’t validate me. Nothing like that ever does. That’s not what you should be doing to try and build your self-esteem.

She said that she wasn’t doing it for money.

She said that she walked a hard path in an attempt to change her image as a whole. Running away from the past isn’t an easy job.

If you put my name in [a computer] and Google it and open up 10 articles… every one of those articles starts ‘disgraced …’

Armstrong said that for the same reason he has empathy and respect for Mia. He further added, “This is why I have a ton of empathy and respect for you. When I open up all these articles about you, every one of them starts ‘porn star.’,” he said, “…There are plenty of kids that have taken pictures with me and their parents have posted it, then other parents have said ‘I can’t believe you let your kid take a picture with Lance Armstrong’.

Mia Khalifa replied to Armstrong by giving her final verdict regarding her decision to quite adult industry,

The reason I moved here is because I gave up on just trying to lead a normal life. Now I’m going to try to rebrand and change the narrative, Accept that I’m Mia Khalifa now and try to be successful at that, doing something else.

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