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Mia Khalifa calls out Chicago Cubs star after receiving his DMs On Twitter & internet goes insane

Mia Khalifa has revealed a lot of athletes who tried to slide into her DMs in order to get a date. The star is popular for uploading the screenshots of her inbox in case anyone tries to start a chat. I think people should learn a lesson and shouldn’t DM her since nobody has made out alive yet.

LadBible published a news of a new victim, the Chicago Cubs star was the recent person to learn this lesson, “Never try to DM Mia Khalifa or you might end up getting roasted.” The vitriolic response of Mia has definitely made the Chicago Cubs star feel the cringe. Mia is naturally good at calling people out on Social Media.

Willson Contreras was thinking to get into the DMs of Mia Khalifa. The guy had confidence for sure but it didn’t turn out into a good deal since a few days back his attempts on Mia have been made public by none other than Mia herself. The guy merely wanted to listen to a Hi, umm nice guy indeed.

I think the inclined way of this popular athlete to get Mia’s attention was totally wrong. On the other hand, he never had a slight idea of Mia’s history of revealing the names of those who tried to get some response from her. The athlete should have learned that sooner or later he was going to get revealed to the public.

The Mia’s tweet has definitely earned a lot of hate and craziness from the Twitter fans. You can go to her Twitter account and can read the replies yourself.

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