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Mia Khalifa gets an instant shutdown by NFL Player on Twitter & the internet is happy for this Karma

It is worth mentioning that Mia Khalifa has earned quite a reputation by roasting those people who ever dared to come into her inbox on Twitter. She has roasted quite a lot of people ranging from NFL players to unpopular celebrities. But it is not the same case every time this NFL player has shown that the Mia Khalifa can also be roasted and it is not her who is going to win the game every time.

This time she gets a little taste of her own medicine on the Internet. Twitter is quite happy and is retweeting that tweet of her roast. In the past she has kept on releasing the screenshots of the messages of those people who tried to contact her through direct messaging. She just tried to prove a point that it is the people who actually want her, not her.

The NFL Rookie Juju Smith Schuster had a perfect response to the sports blogger, Mia Khalifa, when she innocently flirted with him on Twitter.

We cannot blame this NFL player for playing the safe card because the history of Mia Khalifa is already shady. In the past, she has roasted a lot of players who tried to talk to her. This all started when Mia Khalifa tagged this player into a tweet and told him that he is her new favourite follow.

According to Unilad: “Now to be fair to Khalifa, she was probably happy to follow the Pittsburgh Steelers’ wide receiver on Twitter – aside from currently being the youngest player in the NFL, he also has a Rose Bowl Champion with the USC Trojans to his name. So on the girdiron, he ain’t no slouch.

Flirting has gone a totally different level in today world of Internet and the player was cautious enough to not fall for the move of Mia Khalifa. He even added a GIF to roast her more.

Surely, he did a great job and the internet is already laughing on Mia Khalifa. The people are already calling the guy a legend. I mean who can reject Mia Khalifa? The one-time favourite adult-star.

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