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Mia Khalifa offers up herself to change the John Wall’s NBA 2k18 ratings & gets brutally denied

Mia Khalifa, one time most famous actress, offers up something vulgar to change the ratings of NBA player John Wall. Mia is no doubt quite a fan of John Wall.

Recently, 2k18 NBA ratings got released. Mia’s favourite player got 90 and she didn’t like the fact. Instantly, she turned up to Twitter in order to get things done in her favour.

She did tweet to Ronnie seeking his assist in changing the ratings from 90 to 93, because why not? He’s the favourite of Mia.

Being on a public platform or out of his own courtesy Ronnie didn’t agree to change the ratings. Ronnieinstantlyy turned down Mia. The reply was rather quick and the demand was quite direct.

Mia might have already dealt with certain rejections. She knew the right course of action. She offered herself in exchange of ratings. A little touching, what it takes? Nothing.

Ronnie was determined, so he rejected the offer. People in twitter started mocking Ronnie as gay, someone even tweeted, “Ronnie fears he might get fired.”

He declared ratings to be more sacred than Mia’s offer.  Poor lad, Mia went public seeking approval or it might have taken another turn. Mia in the past had made twitter outbursts while this new offer takes it to the next level.

Well done Ronnie, you proved, unlike other men!

Here is the first tweet’s link

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