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Mia Khalifa posts “Raunchy Pic” to dissuade fans vote for her “Fav NBA Player”

Mia Khalifa doesn’t leave any opportunity behind and that is why she opted in as a sports demonstrator for a television show. She is quite famous for revealing people trying to slide in her Direct Messages Inbox on the Twitter. Unfortunately, a lot of popular people were exposed by Mia Khalifa who tried to befriend her using the Twitter.

Mia has some undying love for the sports and she expresses her concern for NBA from time to time. Recently, she made her way into the limelight when she decided to put forward some rhetorics against the American Mixed Martial Artist, Ronda Rousey. Mia lambasted her entry into the WWE and regarded WWE an out of the league sport.

Mia expressed her love and favouritism in case of NBA stars and her recent attempt to pump up the ratings of her favourite Jon Wall are not going unanswered. She has posted a Raunchy picture of herself on the Twitter and has urged her fans to put Jon Wall on the top of his rankings. This is not the first time since Mia has tried to favour Jon Wall. Looks like she is one hell of a fangirl who never loses her loyalties.

Right now, people are going against Mia for using her bod to pump up the ratings of Jon Wall. NBA a few years back decided to take Twitter into consideration for deciding the ratings of their players. Mia is, in fact, trying to influence these ratings from Twitter.

Past attempt of Mia to favour Jon!

After reading the above tweets you might realise that this isn’t the first time for the retired adult star to favour Jon. When the 2k tweets were made live, she tweeted to the guy behind those ratings asking to raise Jon Wall from 90 to 93.

Mia Khalifa shows her support!

Now, she has posted a picture to urge fans vote for Jon. The picture is a bit revealing and for the reason, we can’t embed it here, however, you can visit the Mia Khalifa’s account on Twitter and search for the following Tweet she made on 5 Jan, 2018.

The Mia’s Tweet for Jon Wall!

The people started giving a response to Mia, some responses were positive and might end up raising the popularity of Walls, the other from most females included a certain level of criticism.

People replying to Mia’s Tweets!

What do you think about this particular act of Mia?

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