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Mia Khalifa pulls up another drama & compares herself with ‘Virgin Mary’ in this Instagram Post

Mia Khalifa isn’t yet ready to give up on news and she’s continuously maintaining herself into the main pages of tabloids, blogs and websites of major news agencies. Mia recently compared herself to ‘Virgin Mary’ and that has caused the stir among the religious circles all around the globe. One thing makes me wonder, that people know her reality but they aren’t ready to let it go for good, I mean if someone is too damn good and thinks that Mia did something wrong in past, then how can a good man know everything about Mia’s ventures? Whoops.. alright, let’s leave this topic.

So, Mia posted this picture of herself photoshopped and got a lot of hate comments. Someone even said, “You’ll rot in hell, Mia“, she might be enjoying these comments or she might be felling down after posting some photoshopped image comparing herself to a religious figure, we don’t know! Only she can tell us if she makes some appearance for an interview.

When a news outlet mistakes Malala for Mia Khalifa

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Damn, the people really are aggressive in the comments. The controversy started when Malala got pictured going to the Oxford. She was wearing jeans and a lot of internet fans mistook her to be Malala, “Strange” and I guess even some news website took that image to be of Mia.

Long story short, I guess she praised Malala for her past and ventures she made for promoting the education of girls. On the other hand, she photoshopped her image on the Virgin Mary only to prove the point.

Mia earlier this week made a great donation by sending her Twitch streaming money to the Hurricane Harvey Victims, Hmm Mia, this is great.

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