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Mia receives a ‘pounding’ after calling out Ronda Rousey and WWE

Mia is trying hard to keep in the news and in one of her recent attempts she got pounded after calling out Ronda Rousey and WWE. She is quite famous for her Twitter revealings where she exposed a lot of athletes trying to slide into her DMs. Definitely, it’s her known way of tackling the things since she was once on the Top Charts.

The 24yo former adult star was discussing the UFC fighter’s move to WWE. Ronda Rousey, the former UFC bantamweight champ got transferred to WWE and the hosts were discussing it on Complex’s Out of Bounds. Mia didn’t hold back to discuss it during the show, ‘This is where her career will go to die, I have no respect for the WWE, it’s not a real sport. It’s embarrassing,‘ said Mia, ‘It’s embarrassing you go from a real fight and wearing a sequin unitard and pretending to fight.

The co-host Gilbert Arenas, however, contradicted with Mia, letting her know that this transfer move of Rousey might be a properly calculated career attempt to change her tack.

It’s likely meant to keep her from being savaged in the Octagon any further after being knocked out by Amanda Nunes in December of last year. – said Gilbert

However, her comment on Rousey and WWE actually earned a sharply pounded reply from the former WWE star Hurricane Helms.

The fans instantly enjoyed the reply of Helms and started praising him in the Tweet backs.

Who knew The Hurricane’s real superpower was the epic clap back? – wrote Ed_Coutu in his reply

Well, Mia should be careful next time since its second time in a row when she has received some quick insulting punches on the Twitter.

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