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Mia reduced to tears as wrestler ‘Slaps Her Chest’ following ‘WWE Blast’

Mia Khalifa had released a series of rants regarding the famous WWE and the wrestlers were definitely not happy with her vitriolic remarks attempting to stifle the reality of the sports. Mia was regarding WWE as not so real sport after she became a sports analyst shortly retiring from her career as an adult star. Mia is definitely popular for other things like roasting anyone who tries to slide into her DMs on Twitter.

The world famous Mia’s chest was on receiving end of getting a lot of attention when Thunder Rosa decided to show her the impact of a slap in WWE. Mia finally made an appearance in the ring after weeks of bickering against the WWE supporters and other stars.

Mia made an appearance at an Indy Event at Austin, Texas. She was keen to learn about the business of WWE in which she had recently plunged. She decided to take a crash course from the famous Thunder Rosa. The cash course ended up her chest getting some nasty slaps. Mia later released the video on her Twitter and YouTube account.

Looks like the entire crash course didn’t go well for Mia. She was entirely not so comfortable the entire time. It’s the best thing that Mia didn’t make a secret of her pain, instead, she shared the video and her response on Twitter regarding the high pain bearing capacity of all the WWE wrestlers. Mia Wrote, “You know you wanna see me cry… @thunderrosa22 put me through a wrestling crash course @Hybridsow and I did not pass.

Mia Khalifa receiving Crash Course from Thunder Rosa

Thunder Rosa delivered a thunderous attack on Mia Khalifa

Mia felt the pain and agony of the slap!

Mia Khalifa learned the pain after she judged the Ronda Rousey’s decision to join WWE from the UFC world. Mia Khalifa had received a severe pounding after launching her tirades regarding the seriousness of the sport.

Girl, we believe you’ve learned your lesson well behind all those cheerful laughs!

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