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Mischievous Girl rushes field at College World Series, proceeds to grab every player by the hip

Things suddenly went south when a girl jumped into the field and started grabbing the players from the back. The audience at once started to look forward with both amusement and humor.

Candice Sortino, a 17-year-old, high school student from Omaha, Nebraska went forward with this idea of touching players in the field. She attended the college world series and decided to make the series more interesting. The girl instantaneously grabbed media attention other than grabbing the players by the hip.

The aha, moment!

The girl currently faces criminal charges on the basis of this attempt to grab the players during the match, Buzzfeed reported.

The girl decided during the game to target two players. In the mad rush, the girl got tackled too. During the interview, the girl said that she started running the field and started to grab the targetted players.

Look at the rush!

The girl wasn’t drunk, being a high school senior she got caught up in the moment and decided to make the run & touch. Someone asked if she wanted the media to take attention of her mad rush, but she responded in negative. She said that she wanted some fun, she didn’t know that this was such a big deal.

Where the girl lives, she can watch the field directly from her apartment. The girl has been banned and barred for a year from the field. In the second picture on the left, the girl is telling the guy to wait for a minute. Then she rushed to grab the second player like the first one in the first picture.

Hell of a story! Oh btw this was the response of the people, and I must say, the girl got charged, a year ban from the field, umm well not enough. A man in her place would have been charged differently.

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