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Mom farts in yoga class and then shares her embarrassing story on Facebook, can you read it all?

A mom attends a yoga class and faces some embarrassing fart moments. She got so embarrassed by the incident that she thought of leaving the class to hide in a dark corner.

This mom happened to share her story on Facebook. The post got more than 27k shares and around 50k likes. She has posted it on her personal profile and made it public for everyone to know, well she’s an overnight internet celebrity, now.

This is how she ended up at the yoga class, due to some muscle separation she wanted to have physical training but it didn’t end up well because of smelly farts.

I have muscle separation. Having kids separated my abominal wall like Moses parting the Red Sea. Yeah it’s not good and my stomach kinda points out like a cone. So you know, I am trying to get fitter and fix it so it was suggested by a physio to try yoga.

The mom says that the story appears to be self-made but it actually happened in a yoga class. She thinks that the story is gross but the internet thinks otherwise. Anyway, we’re sharing screen shots of her story so start reading below.

People comment on her story and call it funny. You must start reading from the left and then go to the right side after the black line which separates the screenshots.


The smell of rotten eggs, damn that must be a hell of cringe.

If the smell was as told in the story then a heavy round of applause for the yoga participants.

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