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Mom offends other mothers by posting these pics of herself, does she offend you? See photos!

Social Media can both be a blessing or an erroneous impact towards its users. While social media provides a platform to emit the positive energy, at the same time it also provides pictures of other people to help you compare yourself with them. A continuous comparison of your own lives with the others can result in less happiness than expected. A lot of people think that their happiness is dependant on the others which is a totally wrong though, as happiness comes within.

A lot of people have been lately comparing their social norms and thoughts with this woman. A glamour model and a mother of three based in Sydney is being ridiculed by online users for the inappropriate beauty enhancements and lavish dress sense. They are judging the mother just because she is a mom, she has no right to dress to please herself.

Bella Vrondos, 33yo, mom complains that strangers constantly pop up in her inbox and try to express derision and hate. She says that they tell her that she has a Kim Kardashian inspired fashion sense. These strangers automatically assume that she doesn’t spend much on her children.

She recently uploaded this picture and the online community isn’t happy with her dress

She’s a model and has her own boutique where she promotes new fashion and independence for women. She says that her own people tell her to dress for modesty and wear things, appropriate, being a mother.

Bella told in an interview that she was advertised as a hooker on a craigslist ad. She recently visited her three children and took a picture to upload it online, suddenly she started receiving a lot of hate, tirades and mockery. The people were of the opinion that she didn’t dress right being a mother of three.

People see me and they think I’m a mean girl, there’s a lot of judgment,” – she told Daily mail in an interview.

She said that people mostly have on question for her, “Are you a mum?” and then they assume that she doesn’t spend much on her children. She went through beauty enhancement surgery and people criticized her for this to which she replied, “I didn’t get plastic surgery to look like an adult star but because I’ve had three kids and my body totally deformed – I did it to be happy and to feel confident with my body.

The mother of three is of the opinion that being a mom doesn’t mean that one should stop living his life. She thinks that the children should be given proper attention but the professional life must be taken seriously too. She says that her kids love the way she dresses since they aren’t judgemental like everyone.

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