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Mom savagely humiliates son after he racks up $700 bill on an X-RATED channel

We have everything on the internet now. Most of the things that we use to pay for are now free on the internet. Adult movies are one of those things, there are unlimited free adult movies which can be accessed by anyone at any time.

I remember when it was 90s era and we had to pay hefty prices for the pay-per-view subscriptions of those adult movies, which was really expensive.

The number of the pay-per-view subscriptions in 2018 is all time low, because of the internet.

Apparently, an 11-year-old does not know that.

The age 11 may shock a lot of people but there is a reason it is mentioned.

A kid used her mom’s account to order adult movies on tv subscription, whose age, you guessed it, was only 11.

His mom wouldn’t have caught him but luck was against the boy as she paid her cable bill through her Phone this time.

The pleasure of her child cost her $700.

Even looking at this kind of thing can have consequences but imagine if a mom discovers that her child spent a months rent on adult movies.

When Deneka opened her family chat she found out that her 11-year-old cousin bought $700 worth of adult movies when his mom was at work.

She took a screenshot of it and posted it on Twitter, which went viral and started a hashtag trend #teamboo.

“So I have a group text with my mother and aunt and we were randomly discussing this new restaurant here in Montgomery, AL, that my aunt was eating at for the first time.”

“While she was there, she decided to pay her cable bill on her phone and saw that it was $648. She then scrolled through the statement and saw that there was $290 worth of X-rated movies that her 11-year-old son had bought on random days in March while she was at work.”

“She was so upset that she couldn’t wait to give him a whooping for it lol so she checked him out of school that day. My mom hates for any children to get a spanking so she was adamantly trying to talk my aunt out of it, but I thought it was hilarious so I was egging everything on.”

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