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Moron refuses to stop smoking at a gas station & worker teaches him best fire extinguishing lesson

Smoking at a gas station? Well, that is something which you don’t want to try. A guy appears in his car at a fuel station for refilling and he has a cigarette in his hand, what will be your course of action if you see someone smoking at a gas station? Well, most people will not say a thing but someone with the conscience will definitely not let go the situation as it can be potentially dangerous for a lot of people.

There must be some rules in place to avoid casualties. Exaggerating the rules often exacerbate the situation. The laws are there for good reasons, for the sole safety of the individuals but some people fail to understand the reason behind the laws. They ultimately fail to follow the rules and then get penalties in return.

This guy came smoking at a gas station. A gas station is a highly inflammable space because of large fuel storage tank underneath. If fuel fumes with air catch fire due to a cigarette then such a gas station incident can make people suffer at miles length. The dude totally unaware of this kept on smoking.

The employee at the gas station knew the consequences, so he decided to actually give the dude a practical lesson. He decided to use foam extinguisher on the dude and his cigarette. What happens next? watch the video!

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